Have you ever wondered why companies like Google, Adobe, Facebook and Deutsche Bank are paying close attention to their corporate office’s interior design and always have art in their offices?


Not only is art visually appealing, but studies have also actually proven that art has a positive impact on business in several ways:

Impact of art in the office on employees

Getting the best talent to work in a company is often make or break for a business. Ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of employees in the work-place influences whether an employee will stay or not.


Dr. Craig Knight has several studies on organizational and works environment psychology. Experiments have shown that employees perform better and become more creative in offices that are decorated with art compared to minimalist offices.


In addition, art in the office helps employees deal with stress at work, “thinking outside of the box”, promotes social interactions and has a positive impact on employees’ well-being.

Being surrounded by art at work can also help employees to feel more connected to the company, especially if they took part in the choosing and decorating process, according to Harvard’s studies.

The role of art in corporate design and its impact on a brand

We often hear about the importance of a “story” in a business. People like stories, connect to them and remember them but did you know that corporate art can actually tell an enterprise’s story?

Commissioned art in the office can reflect a company’s ideas, philosophy, mission, and beliefs. 

An impressive piece of artwork in a workplace will be eye-catching and will help visitors to remember a company in a positive way and increase its value in the eyes of visitors.

After all, a company’s office is the first impression that it gives to its visitors.

The impact of art in the office on sales

Art is a way of communication. Many people will agree that the music they listen to influences their mood and the way that they feel. The same is true for a piece of artwork. Art often has an indescribable power on our feelings and emotions. Well-chosen art pieces, in the right places, can make people feel good and comfortable, and reduce stress and hesitation. In this state of mind, people are more likely to be open to ideas and suggestions and more willing to make a purchase or to sign a contract.


Knowing that it’s not a surprise that successful companies tend to have art in their offices and make sure that their work environment corresponds with their brand. It’s really a win-win decision; for companies, for employees, and for customers. The good news is that smaller companies can follow in their footsteps as art doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


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