By: Dari Ingal Founder and CEO of ARTlantic Design

Steps for Perfect House Decoration

Commissioned painting by Indie Ru.

There are many different rules in interior design and different things to consider when decorating your house. It can be overwhelming sometimes, so I made this 3-step, easy-to-follow guide. If you implement these 3 things when decorating your house, I can promise you that your house will look great, you will receive a lot of compliments and you will know more about interior design than most people on the planet.

1. Color Rule 60/30/10

This rule says to choose 3 colors and use the main one on about 60% of the total space, the secondary on 30% and the third complementary color on about 10%.

This technique creates the most balanced and eye-pleasing pattern. It is universal, and you can use it with any style and colors.

2. Light

Light does not just influence our perception of space and size; it also has an impact on our mood and health. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of light in interior design and home decoration.

Let’s look at the different sources of light available out there and how to use them.


Try to maximize available daylight where it is possible. If you feel that a space is too dark, use these tricks to make the room brighter with the same available daylight:

1. Use bright colors on the walls (especially on the one that is opposite the light source). The bright wall will reflect the light and distribute it across the room.

2. Use a mirror for the same purpose. A mirror will also make the room visually bigger.

3. Use shiny surfaces. Tiles and parquet can reflect light, while carpets, on the other hand, absorb it.

Electrical light:

Good electrical lighting always includes at least two sources: the main lighting and complimentary lighting.

For the main lighting of the room, avoid having a single bulb. Instead, you can use spotlights or pendant lights with a few light sources or ones that distribute light evenly. It is also a good idea to use dimmers, which allow you to control light output.

Complimentary light source:

These are used to light specific areas—for instance:

  • Table lamps next to a couch for reading a book

  • Bedside lamps

  • Kitchen lamps to light up kitchen preparation areas

  • Wall lights

  • Floor lights

Think about what complimentary light the room needs, and use main and complimentary light in each space. Well-chosen lights will serve your needs, create the appropriate atmosphere and look great in décor.

3. Accents and Details

This is the secret sauce in the decorating process, and it also relates back to the first rule of color 60/30/10. You can use pillows, vases, carpets, paintings and wall art as accents in the interior design. Paintings can be used not just as a color accent but also as a highlight and eye-catcher. A unique piece makes your house different (as long as you don’t go for a mass-production print), creates an atmosphere and makes it memorable for your guests (even if all your furniture is actually from IKEA, which I personally think is a great solution on a budget). It also doesn’t have to be expensive—it just has to look expensive. That is why all house stagers use paintings and wall art to increase the value of a house and make people immediately fall in love with it. It is the small things that make a big difference.

I will make more detailed posts on choosing color and wall art, as I am often asked about these topics. Meanwhile, if you implement these 3 steps, you will significantly upgrade the look of your house and create a stylish interior. You will also do better than the majority of people.

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In the next blog post, I will reveal interior design tips from the top designers, so stay tuned.

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